4. Lisbon, Portugal to Gibraltar

12/07/2017 @ 08:00 – 20/07/2017 @ 20:00

Once east of Cap St Vincent (the SW corner of Portugal), there’s a marked change to a sunny climate. Good communications and mild winters make this a popular region for winter layup or live-aboard. Otherwise, this is a 190nm coast of transit to Gibraltar, with two interesting rivers for a diversion. There are a few delightful anchorages among sand dunes, some other-worldly villages, and plenty of marinas. It’s easy to transit this coast just visiting Lagos and Cadiz, but much more fun to allow a few days each “up the rivers”. Maybe add a day or three to wait for the easterly “Levanter” to subside.

Distance: about 350 miles
Hazards: Strong current and winds in Gibraltar, fish nets and cages along the coast, monkeys!!!
Highlights: Faro, Cadiz, Gibraltar

  • Sergei

Straightforward sailing – weather is getting better and warmer, big waves should be in the past. The only challenges are negotiating the entrance into Gibraltar straight and finding available mooring space for The Kat at one of the Gibraltar’s marinas. One night sailing between Vilamoura and Cadiz (100 miles)

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12/07/17 – Lisbon – preparing, shopping, walking map  wiki  wiki
 13/07/17 – Lisbon – Troia(50 miles)  map  Noonsite
 14/07/17 – Troia – Sines (40 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
15/07/17 – Sines – Portimao (85 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
16/07/17 – Portimao – Vilamoura (25 miles)  map  wiki
17/07/17 – 18/07/17 – Vilamoura – Cadiz, Spain (100 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
 19/07/17  –  Cadiz- Barbate (50 miles)  map  wiki
20/07/17 – Barbate – Gibraltar (40 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
21/07/17 – Cleaning, washing, exploring Gibraltar

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