2. Bilbao, Spain to La Coruna, Spain

05/06/2017 @ 08:00 – 13/06/2017 @ 20:00

The North West coast of Spain, which extends from the Atlantic border with France round the NW corner and down as far as the harbour of Bayona, is one of the most neglected and therefore unspoiled cruising grounds in the whole of Europe.

Distance: about 300 miles
Hazards: Rapidly changing weather, the swell – long, high waves, tides, uneven bottom is some areas results in broken and dangerous seas
Highlights:Basque coast and cuisine, Galician coast and cuisine

  • Sergei
  • Alexander
  • Dmitriy

The scheduler is very approximate in terms of the stops, but we need to be in La Coruna on the 12th. Weather along Basque country and Galicia can change very rapidly and without warnings. There is a few very nice anchorages where we won’t stay overnight but can stop for a lunch and a swim.

If we’re lucky with the weather it should be very relaxed sailing along rocky coast of Basque country and Galicia and high snowy mountains in the back

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05/06/17 – Bilbao – arriving, shopping, having some Basque food map  wiki wiki
 06/06/17 – Bilbao – Santander (40 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
 07/06/17 – Santander – Lastres (60 miles)  map
08/07/17 – Lastres – Gijon (20 miles) map  wiki  wiki
09/06/17 – Gijon – Ribadeo (70 miles)  map  wiki
10/06/17 – Ribadeo – Viveiro (30 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
11/06/17 – Viveiro – Ares (50 miles)  map
 12/06/17 – Ares – La Coruna (10 miles)  map  wiki  wiki
13/06/17 La Coruna – cleaning & washing & having Galician food

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